Monday, 7 November 2016

Your Dogs Will Love Reiki

Reiki therapy treatment for dogs in Fladbury, Worcestershire

I'm pleased to announce I am now a fully qualified reiki level 2 practitioner! If you're not aware of what reiki is, then please read on because it is well worth it – especially for your dog and other pets.

There are several therapies that work alongside veterinary advice and one of them is reiki. Used primarily for people's health, it can also be used to help dogs and other animals on many levels.

Essentially reiki is a traditional Japanese energy system that works by bringing the animal back into alignment in a physical, emotional and spiritual state. When this is acheived they begin the healing process themselves.

Reiki for dogs can be done either hands-on or with hands just above the body, which is often the preferred method for animals as they can be unsure of physical contact from strangers, unless of course the hands are moving!

I have been training in reiki for a while now and having acheived level 2 I can now be called a practitioner and work with clients and their dogs. It also means I can get insured and I use Balens insurance in Malvern for that.

So how can reiki help your dog?

You may have heard of 'chi' energy or the meridiens in chinese practices. Reiki is the same thing and it is this universal energy that we are working with to balance again. By sending fresh 'ki' to the animal we can balance any depleted energy fields that might reflect in physical or emotional conditions.

It sounds crazy but it really does work really well. Of course it won't cure everything but it works particularly well if your dog has anxiety, stress, fear or sadness. It can also help with physical injuries and is a wonderful way to release stress and help them relax.

Sometimes a dog will have a major transformation after only one session – othertimes it may take several reiki sessions for your dog to fully get over their problem. I'm currently offering reiki sessions for half price for the first session so you can see how well it works. I'd love to help your dog, whether walking or with a reiki session so please get in touch to discuss.

Dog walking is only available in Fladbury village from me but for reiki sessions I can travel further afield, so if you feel your dog, cat, horse or other pet could benefit from a reiki session I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Flexible Dog Walking in Fladbury

dog walking fladbury

Do you occasionally need someone to come and walk your canine friend when you have to be out for the day? If you live in Fladbury village then contact me for flexible dog walking to keep your furry friend happy and exercised.

I offer various rates from 30 or 60 minutes to drop-ins to let your dog out and to feed them. I'll pick your dog up from your house and take it for a stimulating walk around the village and fields to ensure your dog is not left out when you don't have time to walk them yourself.

We all have those days when you have to go out for the day or you have to stay late at work so it's handy to have a flexible dog walker who can step in to help out in those times.

Call me on 07786 963649 to book a walk with your dog. I also offer reiki for dogs which can be booked separately if you feel a reiki energy therapy session would be beneficial for your dog.

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